The Converting Industry offers a unique opportunity for an innovative, custom design and manufacturing company like Chase Machine & Engineering. Whether you are a manufacturer or a contract converter, companies rely on Chase equipment to wind, slit, laminate, festoon, weld, emboss and inspect thousands of consumer, medical and industrial products.

When companies are hesitant to make an investment in capital equipment or require a short run of a new product for evaluation or market testing, converting companies are there to fill the need.  Chase is the preferred vendor of several converting companies when they need equipment to meet their customer’s needs. We partner with industry leaders to supply turnkey ultrasonic, impulse and hot air sealing equipment to improve existing products and to develop processes that are safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly. We are dedicated to helping customers deliver quality products to market ahead of the competition.


Ultrasonic Tube Former,
Extended Pocket Filter Machine,
Ultrasonically Welded Bag Pocket Filter,
Canister Filter Machine,
Plunge Ring Welder – Dual Position and Single Position,
Opti-Splice Series  1000 & 2000, Rotary Drum Machines,
Ultrasonic Rotary Drum Laminator, Ultrasonic Laminator & Slitting Machine,
Continuous Web Inspection,
Ultrasonic  Sewing Machines –
FS-90 and FS-180,
Ultrasonic Cut-to-Length,
Soni-Cut V/H,
Vertical Blocker,
Ultrasonic Slitters,
2-Position Heavy Duty Crosswinder,
7-Position Crosswinder,
Opti-Pak 1000,
Opti-Pak 2000, Continuous Material Festooner,
4-Box Festooner