Chase Machine & Engineering Ultrasonic Cut-to-Length Machines seal the edges of various materials without beading or scorching while cutting the material to the desired length. Two materials can also be bonded together as they are cut. Standard machines are capable of handling single material webs or multiple webs totaling 30-inches in width in a single pass, cycling at up to 25 cycles per minute.

The vertical feed allows for materials with very little construction integrity to be indexed and cut, and the programmable feed rates and cut rates allow for a wide variety of materials.

Features: (download a PDF)

  • Servo-controlled drives
  • PIC controls
  • Optic web sensors
  • An operator interface to adjust speed, amount of stretch, cut length and batch count
  • With optional equipment such as powered unwinds, pattern wheels or folding chutes, these machines can be customized for a wide variety of applications, from clean room wipes to pillow cases, pillows, cold packs, or synthetic fabric pockets for various end-uses.

Watch the product video for a demonstration of the Ultrasonic Cut-To-Length Machine.