Chase Machine’s Ultrasonic Turret Ring Welder provides an alternative method of producing numerous products for varying markets and filtration requirements. The machine uses a two-position turret to fuse needle-punch or spunbound/meltblown filter bags to polypropylene or polyester rings. The two position turret allows the operator to safely load and unload material while welding a previously loaded part.

Features: (download a PDF)

  • Two spindles – welding and load/unload
  • Spindle attached to pneumatic turret
  • Filter rotates 60 degrees per weld
  • Ultrasonic welding technology
  • Dual palm buttons activate weld cycle
  • Allen-Bradley PLC with recipe capability


  • Permits operator to safely load/unload material while machine is welding a loaded part
  • Allows continuous production, promoting efficiency with only one operator
  • Presents product to operator for easy removal and reloading
  • Achieves durable, consistent weld strength and quality on every piece – best in the industry
  • Protects operator from injury with interlocked access guards and light curtain