The consumer product/food packaging industry offers a unique opportunity for an innovative, custom design and manufacturing company like Chase Machine & Engineering.  Our experience serving a wide range of industries that produce thousands of different products have resulted in new and innovative solutions for next generation designs.

The world demand for foodservice disposable packaging is fueled by fast-paced lifestyles, single use packaging for an aging population, the fast food industry, and prepared food offerings in supermarkets and retail stores.   Disposable packaging for pharmaceutical products and cosmetics provides a measure of safety and security to consumers.  Heightened consumer interest in environmental issues will result in products made from biodegradable materials, increasing demand for disposable packaging products.

As manufacturers work to improve their products and processes, Chase remains committed to assisting our customers with more efficient, cost effective production equipment.


Ultrasonic Tube Former,
Opti-Splice Series 1000 & 2000,
Rotary Drum Machines,
Ultrasonic Rotary Drum Laminator,
Ultrasonic Laminator & Slitting Machine,
Continuous Web Inspection, Ultrasonic  Sewing  Machines –
FS-90 and FS-180,
Ultrasonic Cut-to-Length,
Soni-Cut V/H,
Ultrasonic Slitters, Opti-Pak 1000,
Opti-Pak 2000,
Continuous Material Festooner,
4-Box Festooner