Industrial fabrics come in a wide variety of widths, weights and construction to meet specific custom applications and are utilized in many industries for a wide range of applications.  Used primarily for marine and recreational products, insulation, filtration, electronics, protective garments, containment, commercial and construction, industrial fabrics are water repellent, flame retardant, UV protected, durable and environmentally friendly.

Industrial fabrics are found in many products we use every day and depending on the application, the fabric may be woven or nonwoven and require a special finish or remain untreated.   Chase Machine & Engineering has a long history in designing equipment to meet customer-specific applications.

Working together with our customers, Chase engineers and lab technicians continually test materials and assembly and processing methods to deliver equipment that is newer, faster and more efficient, for a timely return on your investment. From start to finish, all designs and manufacturing are produced in-house to ensure confidentiality and quality control.


Single Position Surface Drive Warper,
Ultrasonic Tube Former,
Opti-Splice Series 1000 & 2000,
Rotary Drum Machines,
Ultrasonic Rotary Drum Laminator,
Ultrasonic Laminator & Slitting Machine,
Continuous Web Inspection,
Ultrasonic Sewing Machines –
FS-90 and FS-180,
Ultrasonic Cut-to-Length,
Soni-Cut V/H,
Vertical Blocker,
Ultrasonic Slitters,
2-Position Heavy Duty Crosswinder,
7-Position Crosswinder,
Opti-Pak 1000,
Opti-Pak 2000, Continuous Material Festooner,
4-Box Festooner