Chase Machine’s Plunge Ring Welder offers liquid filter bag manufacturers an alternative method of producing numerous products for varying markets and filtration requirements. The machine welds plastic rings to the bag ultrasonically rather than by conventionel sewing. Manufacturers are able to achieve low-cost changeovers with a minimal amount of time and tooling costs. Contact Chase Machine for specific information relating to your application, as well as for information on our Ultrasonic Tube Formers, Cut-To-Length Machines, Slitters, and Laminating Machines.

Features: (download a PDF)

  • Choice of ultrasonic weld systems: Single-Position Ultrasonic Plunge Ring Welding System or Dual-Position Turret Style System
  • Compact Rotary Indexing Table (available with the Dual-Position System)
  • Independent parameter adjustments for pressure, amplitude, and time
  • Allen Bradley PLC-controlled parameter adjustments for pressure, amplitude, and speed


  • Offers highest weld strength in the industry
  • Lowers inventory of finished bags
  • Provides durable, consistent weld quality on every bag
  • Delivers lowest labor costs using a single operator
  • Minimizes floor space with compact design

Watch the product video for a demonstration of the Ring Welder.