At Chase Machine & Engineering we recognized long ago the potential for growth in the Filtration Industry.  In 1995 George Gil, President of Chase Machine & Engineering developed and patented an alternative method to the cumbersome string-stitching and gluing process used to manufacture synthetic pocket air filters.

Mr. Gil’s invention led to improvements in filter media by manufacturers, ultimately improving the overall quality and efficiency of filter production, along with a safer, more efficient operation to produce an environmentally-friendly product.

In 1998, the Chase Synthetic Pocket Filter machine received the Filtration & Separation Product Achievement award for Product of the Year, competing against numerous domestic and international companies. At that time Mr. Gil stated what is very true today, “the filtration market is growing by leaps and bounds”.

George Gil (left) being presented with the Product of the Year Award by Paul Spencer, Editor of Filtration and Separation. The award ceremony took place during Filtration ’98, Atlantic City, NJ.
Read the article in Filtration and Separation magazine

Filters play a major role in our lives improving the cleanliness of air and liquids in industries such as transportation, water treatment, waste management, healthcare, energy, food and beverage and more. We are proud to manufacture equipment for products that bring value to many customers.


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Opti-Splice Series 1000 & 2000,
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Ultrasonically Welded Bag Pocket Filter,
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Plunge Ring Welder – Dual Position and Single Position,
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