Geotextiles provide important benefits in a variety of civil and environmental engineering applications.  Widely used for reinforcement, separation, drainage, erosion control and moisture barrier, Geotextiles are durable and environmentally friendly.

The woven and nonwoven Geotextile market offers many opportunities for a custom design and manufacturing company like Chase Machine & Engineering.   Depending on the specific application, Geotextiles come in a variety of widths, weights and construction.

Our six decades of web handling expertise combined with our flexibility in the design process have resulted in new and innovative solutions to complex manufacturing problems.   Our experience is in continuous fiber or web applications from .005” to 130” wide and thicknesses from .0004 to ¼”.  From start to finish, all designs and manufacturing are produced in-house to ensure confidentiality and quality control.


Ultrasonic Tube Former,
Extended Pocket Filter Machine,
Ultrasonically Welded Bag Pocket Filter,
Canister Filter Machine,
Plunge Ring Welder – Dual Position and Single Position, ,
Opti-Splice Series 1000 & 2000,
Rotary Drum Machines,
Ultrasonic Rotary Drum Laminator, Ultrasonic Laminator & Slitting Machine,
Ultrasonic Sewing Machines –
FS-90 and FS-180,
Ultrasonic Cut-to-Length,
Soni-Cut V/H,
Vertical Blocker,
Ultrasonic Slitters,
2-Position Heavy Duty Crosswinder,
7-Position Crosswinder,
Opti-Pak 1000,
Opti-Pak 2000, Continuous Material Festooner,
4-Box Festooner