Continuous Material Festooner

Chase Machine & Engineering’s Continuous Material Festooner folds continuous woven or non-woven materials from one inch to eight inches wide into boxes or onto pallets. Festooners fold the material with no tension or stretching, and storage in boxes utilizes less space than storage on spools.


  • Packing speeds of up to 750′ per minute
  • Variable fold lengths and pitch
  • Box or pallet sizes up to 42″ deep by 48″ wide by 42″ high
  • Pneumatic Material Tamping

Features: (download a PDF)

  • Material Speed – 100 yards per minute
  • Standard Box Size (maximum outside dim.)
    15¾” x 25½” x 19″ deep
  • Infinitely Adjustable Speed Controls for Traverse, Material and Box Drop Rate
  • Standard Machine will Festoon Material up to 3″ Wide
  • Pneumatically operated tampers
  • Measuring Unit
  • Quick Change Chutes for Different Material Widths

**Also available in 2-Box Model