Opti-Pak™ 1000

With the introduction of the Opti-Pak™ 1000, Chase Machine ushers in a new era in downstream process efficiency. The machine’s innovative materials-packaging method -based on layering rather than roll forming – dramatically improves material handling and performance on high-speed continuous converting processes.

By eliminating twists, tangles and tension – while distributing material evenly into boxes -the Opti-Pak 1000 yields increased productivity while substantially reducing production costs.


  • Packing speeds up to 750′ per minute
    (based on specific product and packaging needs)
  • Variable fold lengths and pitch
  • Box or pallet sizes up to 42″ deep by 48″ wide by 42″ high
  • Counter weighted, interlocked front and rear doors
  • Pneumatic Material Tampering
  • Optional Auto Box Doffing


  • Allows for long, uninterrupted runs without time-consuming roll changeovers
  • Eliminates the need for costly flying-splice equipment and accumulators
  • Increases production running time and performance
  • Improves packaging stability when shipping or storing
  • Results in reduced use of warehouse space
  • Reduces the risk of splice failures

Opti-Pak™ 2000

Chase Machine’s new Opti-Pak™ 2000 is designed to give delicate and high-loft materials the special handling they deserve. The product of market-leading Chase technology, the Opti-Pak 2000 enables you to move material directly from upstream slitting, laminating or packaging to a layered box or pallet – in one continuous motion.

The Opti-Pak 2000 represents a critical leap forward in material handling technology for high-speed continuous converting processes, delivering a consistent, square package with no twists, no tangles, and no tension.


  • Packing speeds up to 600 feet per minute
    (depending upon product and feeding equipment capabilities)
  • Maintains uniform tension as product is delivered and stored
  • Streamlines materials handling upstream and downstream


  • Offers continuous productivity & higher production throughput
  • Eliminates expensive flying splice equipment
  • Reduces need for warehouse space