Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions

Chase Machine & Engineering, Inc. manufactures custom, continuous web handling, application-specific equipment including but not limited to:  Festooners, Winders, Spoolers, Blockers, Ultrasonic Slitters, Tube Formers, Cut-to-length, Laminators, Hollow Fiber and Membrane Coating machines, to name a few.

Our five decades of web handling expertise combined with our ingenuity in the design process have resulted in new and innovative solutions for the Medical, Filtration, Textiles, Nonwovens, Converting, Industrial Fabrics, Extrusion, Packaging and Geotextile/Environmental industries.

Our high-quality customized machines are sold throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and Latin America.


We design and build turnkey manufacturing equipment for suppliers.  Occasionally we are asked to produce small quantities of a customer’s product to ‘prove a concept’ or develop samples for benchmark testing and market research.  The Material Applications Lab at Chase Machine can be reserved by the hour, day, week or month to achieve your goal.

Customers have access to ultrasonic bonders, laminators, slitters and rotary drum embossing machines, as well as impulse and hot air sealing equipment.

From start to finish, all design and manufacturing are produced in-house to ensure confidentiality and quality control.

Confidentiality is a top priority at Chase Machine & Engineering.  A signed, mutual confidentiality agreement is required once both parties agree to continue discussions beyond the initial contact with Chase Machine’s Sales department.   We understand the value of your time and expertise, as well as ours, and make efficient use of it when we evaluate your needs and propose a solution.  Our Materials Application Lab is separate from our manufacturing space to offer a private, confidential environment to test new products and assembly methods.

Designing and building custom equipment depends on the product, the process, and the amount of pre-design material testing that may be required. We understand that once a decision is made to invest in capital equipment – you need it yesterday! We also know that buying solely on price or expedited delivery is almost always a mistake. The delivery date is an estimate based upon Chase Machine’s scheduling requirements, and assumes prompt receipt of all necessary information from Buyer.

Chase Machine is an established, reputable company and quality custom products and sustained service/support come at a premium. From material testing and pre-production layout drawings for your approval, to full production, troubleshooting and on-site installation, Chase handles it all!  Our equipment is built to last and we will be here to service and support you in the future.  Chase Machine makes every effort to meet estimated delivery dates, but assumes no liability due to what Buyer may deem as a late delivery.

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Equipment installation is at the expense of the Buyer unless otherwise requested.  Chase Machine will provide a quotation for any installation service. Chase Machine will provide Engineering personnel and/or Service Technicians. The rates for these services and reasonable travel expenses will be charged at Chase’s standard service rates.

Chase Machine warrants to the original Buyer only equipment manufactured by Chase Machine (but not equipment manufactured by others) which shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period one (1) year from the date of delivery. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied. There are no warranties, express or implied, that extend beyond the description of the equipment purchase by the Buyer.

Annual Maintenance contracts (beyond original 1-year warranty) are available and quoted upon request.

A recommended spare parts list is supplied with the customer package upon delivery.  Chase Machine strongly recommends the purchase of long-lead items to minimize down time.  Suppliers do not invest in or maintain inventory as they have in the past.

Customers receive assembly drawings upon delivery.  Chase Machine owns rights to design or pattern of equipment. No rights in design or pattern of equipment shall pass to Buyer unless expressly agreed upon in writing by Seller and the Buyer. The Buyer shall not copy any such pattern or design.

  1. All orders are subject to credit approval. Upon approval, a deposit is required to begin production, pro rata periodic payments will be agreed upon by both the Buyer and Seller, and payable prior to shipment of the machine, any remaining balance shall be payable NET 30.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, terms are a 30% deposit with order, 60% upon approval and prior to shipment, 10% Net 30 from date of shipment. 18% annual (1.5%  monthly) interest will be added to invoices not paid within thirty (30) days.
  3. All quotes prices are F.O.B., Chase Machine & Engineering, Inc., West Warwick, Rhode Island. Prices do not include freight, crating, packaging or handling. If the Buyer prefers Chase Machine arrange shipping, a quote can be provided to cover this expense.
  4. Quotation prices do not include any tax imposed by Federal, State, Local or Foreign governments.

The Buyer will pay the cost of modifying the order after it is accepted by Chase Machine.  Additional modification costs are subject to approval by the Buyer. Chase Machine makes every effort to keep these costs to a minimum.

Orders placed cannot be cancelled except with Chase Machine’s consent. In the event Chase Machine agrees to cancel an order, all previous payments will be applied to the cancelled order as damages for the breach of the contract by the Buyer, without waiving any and all rights or claims that Chase Machine may have.

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