The Medical Industry offers a unique opportunity for an innovative, custom design and manufacturing company like Chase Machine & Engineering. Our designs and strategic partnerships have long focused on textile, nonwoven and disposable materials.  The market for disposable nonwoven products in hospital and healthcare settings is limitless. When you add to that the variety of products medical staff and public safety personnel utilize, the possibilities are endless in a market that is difficult to predict.

Face masks, hospital garments, protective footwear, gloves and accessories offer patients and staff protection from infectious disease.  In patient care settings, medical disposables are used in bedding, pillows and gowns, as well as disposable diapers, ice packs, wipes, wound dressings, gauze pads and personal care products, to name a few.

As nonwoven manufacturers work to improve their products and processes, Chase remains committed to assisting our customers with more efficient, cost effective production equipment.


Opti-Pak 1000,
Opti-Pak 2000,
Continuous Material Festooner,
4-Box Festooner,
Hollow Fiber Line,
Coating Line,
Medical Striping Machine, Ultrasonic Turret Winder,
2-Position Heavy Duty Crosswinder,
7-Position Crosswinder,
Ultrasonic Slitters,
Vertical Blocker,
Ultrasonic Cut-to-Length,
Soni-Cut V/H,
Ultrasonic Sewing Machines –
FS-90 and FS-180,
Rotary Drum Machines,
Ultrasonic Rotary Drum Laminator, Ultrasonic Laminator & Slitting Machine,
Continuous Web Inspection,
Opti-Splice Series 1000 & 2000
3-Roll Godet