Chase Machine & Engineering, Inc’s Opti-Splice™ 1000 & 2000 Series ultrasonically butt splices thermoplastic films, woven and non-woven synthetic fabric to form a continuous run of fabric accommodating any width.

Ultrasonic energy is used to butt splice (1000 Series) or butt splice and then iron (2000 Series) the material. The ironing feature creates a smooth, unobtrusive joint that increases seam strength and renders the seams usable.

Whether your product is used in the packaging, textile, filtration, medical, home-fashions, automotive, or geo-textile industries, Chase Machine & Engineering, Inc. can address your continuous material handling needs to save expensive time and material, increasing critical throughput. Explore the options of stronger, cleaner, faster, more usable splices from downstream processes with the Opti-Splice Series today!


  • Eliminates third material (tapes, glues,staples) joining costs
  • Consistent, repeatable joints make “seconds” grade short rolls obsolete
  • Removes and eliminates defects/splices roll to roll


  • Ultrasonically butt splices film, non-wovens and synthetic fabrics
  • Ultrasonically irons the resulting “fin” (Opti-Splice 2000 Series option)
  • In-line or off-line design
  • Vertical or horizontal configuration
  • Nip advance rolls to eliminate wrinkling
  • Portable, self-contained design for use on multiple lines
  • Custom widths available