Chase is your premier automation solution provider

As a vertically integrated company, Chase Machine provides mechanical and electrical engineering services using state-of-the-art 3D solid modeling software, PLC programming, electrical panel building, machining, welding, painting, and final machine assembly.

From independent modules to full-scale production lines, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions that play an essential role in the success of well-known global products and brands. You too can benefit from our sixty years of experience designing and manufacturing custom automated equipment.

Founded in 1954 means we will be here when you need us.

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Our Continuous Material Inspection Machine utilizes a light-diffused table surface to more easily detect flaws in material weave or pattern.


  • Cantilevered for unwind and rewind spindle access
  • Material speeds of up to 50 feet per minute
  • Digital counter provides flaw location reference
  • Digital readouts


  • Angled table surface allows either seated or standing operator
  • Continuous material movement allows for faster, more efficient material inspection

Crosswinder 2-Position

  • 1 HP DC Drive
  • Dancer Bar for Speed Control
  • Speed Range from 0 – 40 yards per minute
  • Automatic Stop Sensor
  • Tension Control
  • Adjustable Traverse from 8″ – 18″
  • Adjustable Lay of Material
  • Complete Headstock Traverse
  • Individual or Simultaneous Operation of Spindles


  • PLC Control
  • High Speed Ranges

Crosswinder 7-Position

  • 18″ Diameter
  • 18″ Traverse
  • Adjustable Traverse from 6″ – 18″
  • Adjustable Lay of Material
  • Speed Range from 0 – 150 feet per minute
  • Tension Control
  • 1″ – 1½” Spindle Diameter
  • Easy On/Off Hand Knobs


  • 20″ Traverse
  • Independent Speed Adjustment on each Spindle
  • Available in 2-Spindle to 12-Spindle Models
  • Higher Speed Ranges Available
  • Pre-feed System
  • Beater Bar

Chase Machine can design and build custom machines according to client’s specifications.

Continuous Material Festooner

Chase Machine & Engineering’s Continuous Material Festooner folds continuous woven or non-woven materials from one inch to eight inches wide into boxes or onto pallets. Festooners fold the material with no tension or stretching, and storage in boxes utilizes less space than storage on spools.


  • Packing speeds of up to 750′ per minute
  • Variable fold lengths and pitch
  • Box or pallet sizes up to 42″ deep by 48″ wide by 42″ high
  • Pneumatic Material Tamping

4-Box Festooner (Standard)

Features: (download a PDF)

  • Material Speed – 100 yards per minute
  • Standard Box Size (maximum outside dim.)
    15¾” x 25½” x 19″ deep
  • Infinitely Adjustable Speed Controls for Traverse, Material and Box Drop Rate
  • Standard Machine will Festoon Material up to 3″ Wide
  • Pneumatically operated tampers
  • Measuring Unit
  • Quick Change Chutes for Different Material Widths

**Also available in 2-Box Model

Extended Pocket Filter Machine


  • Number and widths of pockets is adjustable
  • No consumables – no thread, needles or glue necessary
  • Speeds of up to 60 feet per minute
  • Variable interleaf widths
  • Razor slitting of filter mouth to accommodate frame assembly
  • Heat splicing to facilitate roll to roll changeover

Ultrasonically Welded Bag Pocket Filter


  • Use of ultrasonics eliminates the need for consumables
  • Equipment may be modified to accommodate a variety of products
  • Manufactures Hermetically Sealed Pocket Filters
  • Fully-programmable Pocket Length, Width and Throat Depth
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Interleaf splicing
  • Now Produces Fully Finished Pockets – No Second Operation Required

Canister Filter Machine


  • Bonds several layers of woven or non-woven materials with elite ultrasonic or vibratory technology
  • InkJet or wax marking system
  • Tension controlled unwind
  • Scrap rewind
  • Output varies upon technology used
  • Cuts and seals filter edges in one operation
  • In-line accumulator available

Hollow Fiber Line


  • Spinnerets
  • Rinse baths
  • Godets
  • Dryers
  • Texturizers
  • Winders
  • Lab lines
  • Production lines
  • Potting centrifuges
  • Blending kettles
  • Extruders
  • DC servo controls on number of wraps, number of bundles, width of bundles
  • Designed for cost effectiveness and space constraints

Coating Line


  • Powered Unwind
  • Powered Rewind
  • Capstan Pull Roll Modules
  • Load Cell Tension Controls
  • Polybond Spreader Roll
  • Accommodates any width
  • Remote Motors & Gearboxes to Prevent Contamination
  • Modular Design

Medical Striping Line

Produces liquid filtration tests (for in-home pregnancy tests, etc.) by coating material in test solutions, drying and slitting it to the required width and rewinding it.


  • Precise dispensing via IVEK ceramic pumps
  • Tension controlled accumulators allow for changeover without line stoppage
  • Splice detector and reagent marker for downstream detection
  • Manual splice station
  • Drying tunnel
  • Rewind capabilities
  • Cheek plate design


  • All processes completed in-line
  • User-set speed and tension controls allow flexibility for various product requirements

Cut-Off Turret Winder

Produces cartridge bundles used in medical filtration applications.


  • Load station for plastic cores
  • Tape location sensing station for automatic doffing
  • Winding station and Unload station
  • PC-recorded process information on each bundle
  • Class 10,000 clean room environment compatible
  • Bundle diameter measured by laser


  • Critical material tension is monitored and PC-controlled through use of load cells and particle brakes
  • Automatic operator prompts ensure tight process control

Opti-Pak™ 1000

With the introduction of the Opti-Pak™ 1000, Chase Machine ushers in a new era in downstream process efficiency. The machine’s innovative materials-packaging method -based on layering rather than roll forming – dramatically improves material handling and performance on high-speed continuous converting processes.

By eliminating twists, tangles and tension – while distributing material evenly into boxes -the Opti-Pak 1000 yields increased productivity while substantially reducing production costs.


  • Packing speeds up to 750′ per minute
    (based on specific product and packaging needs)
  • Variable fold lengths and pitch
  • Box or pallet sizes up to 42″ deep by 48″ wide by 42″ high
  • Counter weighted, interlocked front and rear doors
  • Pneumatic Material Tampering
  • Optional Auto Box Doffing


  • Allows for long, uninterrupted runs without time-consuming roll changeovers
  • Eliminates the need for costly flying-splice equipment and accumulators
  • Increases production running time and performance
  • Improves packaging stability when shipping or storing
  • Results in reduced use of warehouse space
  • Reduces the risk of splice failures

Opti-Pak™ 2000

Chase Machine’s new Opti-Pak™ 2000 is designed to give delicate and high-loft materials the special handling they deserve. The product of market-leading Chase technology, the Opti-Pak 2000 enables you to move material directly from upstream slitting, laminating or packaging to a layered box or pallet – in one continuous motion.

The Opti-Pak 2000 represents a critical leap forward in material handling technology for high-speed continuous converting processes, delivering a consistent, square package with no twists, no tangles, and no tension.


  • Packing speeds up to 600 feet per minute
    (depending upon product and feeding equipment capabilities)
  • Maintains uniform tension as product is delivered and stored
  • Streamlines materials handling upstream and downstream


  • Offers continuous productivity & higher production throughput
  • Eliminates expensive flying splice equipment
  • Reduces need for warehouse space

Chase Machine & Engineering, Inc’s Opti-Splice™ 1000 & 2000 Series ultrasonically butt splices thermoplastic films, woven and non-woven synthetic fabric to form a continuous run of fabric accommodating any width.

Ultrasonic energy is used to butt splice (1000 Series) or butt splice and then iron (2000 Series) the material. The ironing feature creates a smooth, unobtrusive joint that increases seam strength and renders the seams usable.

Whether your product is used in the packaging, textile, filtration, medical, home-fashions, automotive, or geo-textile industries, Chase Machine & Engineering, Inc. can address your continuous material handling needs to save expensive time and material, increasing critical throughput. Explore the options of stronger, cleaner, faster, more usable splices from downstream processes with the Opti-Splice Series today!


  • Eliminates third material (tapes, glues,staples) joining costs
  • Consistent, repeatable joints make “seconds” grade short rolls obsolete
  • Removes and eliminates defects/splices roll to roll


  • Ultrasonically butt splices film, non-wovens and synthetic fabrics
  • Ultrasonically irons the resulting “fin” (Opti-Splice 2000 Series option)
  • In-line or off-line design
  • Vertical or horizontal configuration
  • Nip advance rolls to eliminate wrinkling
  • Portable, self-contained design for use on multiple lines
  • Custom widths available

Our Ultrasonic Rotary Drum Machines have handled webs up to 135 inches in width. Features include: DC drives, automatic or manual operation, pneumatic systems, actuator mounting for single or multiples, multiple unwinds, electronic/pneumatic brake, electronic guidance systems, digital speed readouts, micro adjustments on actuators, and rewind stations.

  • 15″ wide web width
  • Two DC drives and motors
  • Auto or manual operation
  • Two roll unwinds with adjustable brake tensioning
  • Dancer controlled rewind
  • Electronic edge-guiding system for Rotary Drum
  • Two actuator mounting stations for pattern roll
  • An actuator mounting station for slitter
  • Rewind stations with common drive
  • Speeds up to 300 feet per minute
  • 42″ wide web width
  • Power unwind with dancer control
  • Two dovetail mounts for sonic actuators
  • Two pattern disc mounts
  • Powered rewind with material speed sensor
  • DC motor and drive
  • Digital controls


  • Maximum beam size 30″ diameter, 25″ traverse
  • Speed range 0-250 Y.P.M.
  • 220 Volt single phase 3 HP drive
  • Dynamic braking
  • Stop motion relay
  • Speed taper up and down
  • Predetermined counter
  • Oscillating traverse with 3″ maximum travel
  • Expandable reed
  • Pneumatically operated lifting arms
  • Control panel to include on/off, speed and jog station, digital counter, run lights, and separate on/off switch for traverse unit


For Traverse Winding Web, Tape, Ribbon, Film, Foil, Braid, Cord, etc.


  • ½ H.P. D.C. drive, 110 volt with foot control
  • Variable speed with dynamic braking
  • Traverse length and lay easily adjusted with hand knobs
  • Measuring unit in yards and tenths


  • Single or multiple packages
  • Predetermined counter
  • Interchangeable spindles
  • Traverse width – minimum 3″ – maximum 12″

Vertical Blocker


  • ½ H.P. D.C. motor with dynamic braking
  • Variable speed with panel and foot pedal control
  • Interchangeable pilot for various core sizes
  • Simple lever action to remove block


  • Predetermined counter
  • Let off stand for rewind
  • Air cylinder on tailstock

Chase Machine & Engineering Ultrasonic Cut-to-Length Machines seal the edges of various materials without beading or scorching while cutting the material to the desired length. Two materials can also be bonded together as they are cut. Standard machines are capable of handling single material webs or multiple webs totaling 30-inches in width in a single pass, cycling at up to 25 cycles per minute.

The vertical feed allows for materials with very little construction integrity to be indexed and cut, and the programmable feed rates and cut rates allow for a wide variety of materials.

Features: (download a PDF)

  • Servo-controlled drives
  • PIC controls
  • Optic web sensors
  • An operator interface to adjust speed, amount of stretch, cut length and batch count
  • With optional equipment such as powered unwinds, pattern wheels or folding chutes, these machines can be customized for a wide variety of applications, from clean room wipes to pillow cases, pillows, cold packs, or synthetic fabric pockets for various end-uses.

Watch the product video for a demonstration of the Ultrasonic Cut-To-Length Machine.

Ultrasonic Slitters are used to convert fusible, man-made fibers into the desired widths. Typical applications include hook and loop products, auto upholstery and geotextiles. Chase Machine & Engineering Company has manufactured machines capable of handling up to 130-inch materials. Up to 9 inches of web width can be handled per sonic unit, with as many additional, independent units as necessary.


  • Electronic edge guiding
  • An easily adjustable narrow gauge slitter
  • Product nip take-away
  • Selvedge trim-away
  • A measuring unit for material length
  • DC motor and drive

Ultrasonic Rotary Drum Bonder Laminator

Ultrasonic Rotary Drum Bonder-Laminators are able to fuse multiple layers of most man-made fibers in a variety of patterns for use in such products as medical clean room wipes, face masks, incontinence products, filtration media, mattress pads, quilts and window fashions. The Rotary Drum equipment fuses the molecules of dissimilar or like material layers by emitting high-frequency sound waves: resulting bonds are permanent and can be positioned precisely, even creating patterns if desired. The particular benefits of ultrasonic bonding are: no preheat time, absolute on/off, and the cleanliness of the operation.

Features: (download a PDF)

  • Two DC drives
  • Auto or manual operation
  • Complete pneumatic system
  • Actuator mounting for single or multiples
  • A four position unwind
  • Electronic guidance system
  • Digital speed readout
  • Electronic/pneumatic brake
  • Easy accessible pin roll
  • Rewind station

Ultrasonic Laminator & Slitting Machine

Laminating Module Includes:

  • 3-Position Unwind
  • Electronic edge guidance
  • Dancer controlled tension
  • Independent Modular Design
  • (6) Ultrasonic Units
  • Spreader Rolls
  • 4% Embossing Pattern (other patterns available)
  • Wider widths may be accommodated
  • Speeds dependent upon materials being laminated

Slitting Module Includes:

  • Rotating Slitting Anvil
  • Spreader Rolls
  • Minimum slit width: 2″
  • Dual Position Rewind

Chase Machine & Engineering’s Continuous Tube Former seals and forms thermoplastic films, woven and nonwoven synthetic fabrics into continuous tubes 2¼” in diameter and larger depending upon applications. A rotating anvil is used to weld an overlap seam, and a backpuller
incorporated into the design generates faster, consistent throughput.


  • Speed ranges up to 100 feet per minute depending on the material
  • Stand-alone operation or integration into existing processes
  • Custom sealing patterns available
  • Branson Ultrasonic Model 2000bdc 1100-watt power supply


  • Cool running speeds eliminate warm-up and cool-down periods
  • Eliminates needles, threads, staples or adhesives
  • Focused energy generated only at the weld location makes consistent, controllable weld pattern and low energy consumption.

FS-90 Ultrasonic Fabric Sealing System

Features: (download a pdf)

  • Stand-alone system enables flexibility and tight turns in sealing and/or cutting, and provides unobstructed view of fabric in the processing area
  • Two-position foot switch facilitates operation – first position raises and engages the rotary wheel, applying force to the material being processed; second position activates ultrasonics and wheel rotation
  • Operator-selectable maximum operator speed enables operator to set maximum feed speed at the fully depressed foot switch position setting
  • Designed for operator safety – no needles or other moving parts above the work surface
  • Variable speed drive motor provides continuous operation at speed ranges of 0 to 60 ft/min and 7 to 123 ft/min
  • Operator controls conveniently located on control panel, including pneumatic pressure regulator; on/off switch; power on indicator; and nip control
  • Various sealing patterns available, including standard single stitch, right or left slant, and zigzag; custom-designed patterns also available at additional fee
  • Typical applications include protective garments, disposable hospital gowns and shoe covers, face masks, infants’ nursery garments, filters, bags, curtains, sails, and web splicing

FS-180 Inverted Sealer

Features: (download a PDF)

  • Seals knitted, woven and non-woven thermoplastic materials without needle or thread
  • Standard model operates at speeds up to 30 feet per minute
  • Interchangeable pattern wheels – right or left slant, zigzag, single stitch
  • Branson Ultrasonic 910BC ultrasonic power supply

Watch the product video for a demonstration of the FS-90 and FS-180.

Chase Machine’s Ultrasonic Turret Ring Welder provides an alternative method of producing numerous products for varying markets and filtration requirements. The machine uses a two-position turret to fuse needle-punch or spunbound/meltblown filter bags to polypropylene or polyester rings. The two position turret allows the operator to safely load and unload material while welding a previously loaded part.

Features: (download a PDF)

  • Two spindles – welding and load/unload
  • Spindle attached to pneumatic turret
  • Filter rotates 60 degrees per weld
  • Ultrasonic welding technology
  • Dual palm buttons activate weld cycle
  • Allen-Bradley PLC with recipe capability


  • Permits operator to safely load/unload material while machine is welding a loaded part
  • Allows continuous production, promoting efficiency with only one operator
  • Presents product to operator for easy removal and reloading
  • Achieves durable, consistent weld strength and quality on every piece – best in the industry
  • Protects operator from injury with interlocked access guards and light curtain

Watch the product video for a demonstration of the Ring Welder.

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